What I Eat

I’m a girl on a quest for interesting flavor and variety in my meals. If you are, too, maybe I can help!

I’m not always fancy, but when I am, I’m REALLY fancy. Hahaha!
Because I have insulin resistance, I find I lose weight best if I balance my protein and carbs really specifically. All the recipes I post here follow those guidelines (though, sometimes I post the other things I’m eating. I AM A HUMAN I HAVE SNACKS! :)). 

My most important rule for Fefferfit recipes is that they must taste awesome. Guys, I’m not going to share recipes that are healthy but I thought tasted like dirt. It is not nice to spend the time and energy cooking something and have it taste like so much cardboard! I’m going to just admit outright that I’m a food snob, and promise that I won’t steer you wrong. OK? OK.

Turkey burger | Fefferfit
Because what is the point in a turkey burger if it tastes gross?
So here’s the skinny (see what I did there?):

  1. All recipes posted/linked here are under 500 calories/normal-human-sized serving.
  2. They’re balanced correctly for insulin resistance (under 30 g refined carbs & at least 14 g protein/serving).
  3. They’ll lean toward having extra fiber when I can, because I’m trying to get 25g a day.
  4. They will be delicious!

Them’s the rules here on Fefferfit. If you have any questions, post ’em! I’m here to help!

To see absolutely everything I’m eating, click on the #healthy food tag in the red tag cloud. I also tag meals by type of protein (chicken, beef, eggs, etc.) and you can see recipes sorted by meal in the Categories menu.

If you need even more ideas, check out my Pinterest board. And please feel free to share with me! I love new ideas!