On the left is me in March, 2015. Right: me, yesterday. Not much difference, right? And you know, I’m OK with that. There have been a lot of ups and downs in the past year: Some literal, like with my weight. One year ago, I hit my lowest weight ever since I started working at … More Transformation?

Huge News!

GUYS. This is HUGE. I know BMI is…whatever, and with my stocky build, I have never ever busted under the overweight category–at least, not since I was about twelve. No kidding. For the past ten years, I’ve been categorized as obese, with the extra fat I’ve been carrying. Yesterday, I finally cracked back into overweight, … More Huge News!

Total NSV!

non Total non-scale victory: when I bought this apron a few years ago, I could barely get it tied behind my back. Now it wraps all the way around my waist! It’s the little things.

Can You Really Get Sleek, Sexy Arms in Just Six Weeks?

There’s this ubiquitous post floating around Pinterest that shows how, in just six weeks, you, too, can go from having flabby, flapping Bingo wings to Michelle Obama guns of steel. You’ve seen it, right? I have yet to find the original post to which it refers–each search seems to lead me to a seemingly unoffiliated … More Can You Really Get Sleek, Sexy Arms in Just Six Weeks?