Brown Sugar Citrus Glazed Salmon with Scented Quinoa

When I’m trying to eat healthily, salmon is one of my favorite go-to meals. It cooks quickly, it’s high-quality protein, and it makes such a nice change from chicken, which we seem to see too much of around my house. Though I adore shellfish, I’ve never been much of a fish fan (who knows why). My one … More Brown Sugar Citrus Glazed Salmon with Scented Quinoa

Greek Shrimp

I’m not always big on cooking seafood, as much as I love to eat it, because it can be so fussy to cook with. But I love this recipe. It has great savory flavors with good balance, and a nice fresh brightness. It’s really quick and easy to throw together, too! Greek Shrimp 2 tbsp olive … More Greek Shrimp

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Tagged by @greadsbooks for #widn. I just put down my knitting so I could have some fresh broccoli soup! I double the cheese to make it insulin-resistance friendly. It’s crazy low-cal and low-fat, so I don’t worry about it. YMMV. Recipe : Real Simple