Goodbye, 30s

Today I took a little hike with my kids. It’s the last day of my 30s, and I wanted to spend it on an adventure with them. I’ve grown to love the outdoors, and it was so fun to hike through the water and explore somewhere new. I know some people feel anxiety or distress … More Goodbye, 30s

Ice Skating Pros!

OK, we are really not very good. But this is a major improvement over last year, when at least half of my children were openly weeping! I’ll take it! PS I love the photo with A on his bum. Hahaha… Every once in a while we go do silly things together and then I realize: … More Ice Skating Pros!

C25K for Speed

Who else LOVES c25K? I do! I do! Couch to 5K is what got me started three years ago, when I got serious about working out while I was trying to lose weight. I got this crazy idea that I wanted to be able to run a mile, and maybe even a race, and I sure had … More C25K for Speed