Hi! I’m Jen! I’m a girl on a mission to get healthy.


I believe that losing weight is about a mindset of trying to be healthy, not skinny. I believe in learning to accept yourself for who you are (and what you look like) NOW. I believe in loving your body for the amazing gift it is, and I believe in learning to find ways to use it that YOU love. I think getting and staying healthy comes a lot easier if you can do all that.

I used to weigh over 250 pounds. By the time I was 35 years old, I had been obese for ten years. I was flirting with diabetes, and my doctor was talking about putting me on cholesterol meds.

Pics of me at my heaviest - 250+ pounds | Fefferfit

Even that wasn’t enough for me to want to change, though. One day, I just finally decided I was done being fat. I was tired of feeling so tired. I was ready to change. So I did!

Weight loss comparison - 30 pounds | Fefferfit
The girl on the left had already lost 55 pounds. So awesome! I don’t look at her body and think, “Gross.” I think, “Wow. I wish I hadn’t gotten so unhealthy.” But I love that girl. Hating her body never worked for me.

I have thyroid disease and PCOS, so I know how hard it can be to lose weight and how slow the process can seem. But 90 pounds later, I absolutely know that little changes plus time equal huge results. I know that one small change leads to another, and those small changes start compounding. Eventually, those small changes change your whole life.

I also believe that if I can get healthy, anyone can!

Check out the site! I hope you’ll feel welcome. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I read every comment, and I love helping, if I can.

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