Hi! I’m Jennifer Hunter. I’m a girl on a quest for fitness: body, mind, and soul.


I used to weigh over 250 pounds. By the time I was 35 years old, I had been obese for ten years. I was flirting with diabetes, and my doctor was talking about putting me on cholesterol meds.

Pics of me at my heaviest - 250+ pounds | Fefferfit

Even that wasn’t enough for me to want to change, though. One day, I just finally decided I was done being unhealthy. I was tired of feeling so tired. I was ready to change. So I did!

I have thyroid disease and PCOS, so I know how hard it can be to lose weight and how slow the process can seem. But 90 pounds later, I know that little changes plus time equal huge results. I know that one small change leads to another, and those small changes start compounding. Eventually, those small changes change your whole life.

Weight loss comparison - 30 pounds | Fefferfit
Down 60 pounds/down 90

I’m also a wife and mom to two (!) sets of twins. I’m an adventurous cook, an avid reader, a seamstress and knitter, and a wielder of power tools. I love ballet and yoga, opera and indie, the Pacific Coast, and really really long baths. You’ll most likely find me at Sonic or Target, hiding out with all the other moms.

Goofy kids | Fefferfit

Because I’m a busy mom, I probably get what a lot of your lives are like. I see you. You’re tired, you’re stressed, you’re coming home from work too exhausted to work out and cramming fistfuls of goldfish in your mouth while hiding from your kids in the closet. I know how hard losing weight is! Mama, I’ve been there. I get it. I’m here for you.

Once in a while, I’ll talk about a little self-care here on the blog. Regardless of where we’re at with fitness (and let’s be real, we’re never “done”), we could all take a few minutes to pause in the chaos now and then. I believe there’s real power in strengthening the mind and the spirit as well as the body, and I’d love to hear your ideas on that, as well!

Most importantly, I believe that losing weight is about trying to be healthy, not skinny. I believe in learning to accept yourself for who you are (and what you look like) NOW. I believe in loving your body for the amazing gift it is, and learning to find ways to use it that YOU love. I think getting and staying healthy comes a lot easier if you can do all that. I know that if I can get healthy, anyone can!

Check out the site! I hope you’ll feel welcome. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I read every comment, and I love to help you in any way I can.


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