Why This Introvert Needs Running 

I don’t know if this will out me as the weirdo I am, but I hate having things scheduled on my calendar. Usually, it looks like this:

Normal calendar | Fefferfit
This month, it’s been this insanity: 

Crazy calendar | Fefferfit
Most of those days have two or even three places I need to be. I’ve been responding to emails, texts, internet comments and messages from mass quantities of people–all for such good reasons, and I’m so happy to do it! I’ve had good visits with friends and helped out with projects I’m so grateful to be part of and holy crap, can you believe I was in nationally and internationally published media? That’s bonkers. I’m so amazed and thankful for all of it, and all of you! 

And as an introvert, I am starving for alone time. 😳 It’s completely my fault–I am usually so aware of my boundaries and when I need to take some time for myself. I generally protect my weekly alone time pretty fiercely. But this month, I just committed to so many good things that personal time is the one thing I let slide. And part of that personal time is my workout time. 

I have been doing OK as far as workouts go: one here, a couple the next week, but they haven’t been the priority I usually make them. I don’t think I honestly realized the impact they make on my mental health until I found myself in the car, in tears, wailing at my husband that I felt fat and grumpy and NO ONE [in our house] WOULD LEAVE ME ALONE. 😆 After I calmed down, he gently suggested that maybe I was missing my workouts. Ya think? 

So when I woke up this beautiful Fall Saturday morning GRUMPY AS HECK and feeling stir-crazy, I threw on my running shoes and got out there. 

Why This Introvert Needs Running | Fefferfit

With scenery like that, and some good endorphins, who could help but feel better? 


2 thoughts on “Why This Introvert Needs Running 

  1. Same here – introvert and in much need of time alone. My household is relatively quiet since kids are all grown and out of the house, yet I still have trouble finding time to myself. Work, extended family, and even my spouse all seem to be oblivious to the needs of someone who really does not prefer to be busy all the time. Some people have even made quite rude comments about me not having the desire to spend time with others – people don’t really understand introverts. That might be a good blog topic. Thanks for sharing your post


    1. That would be a good post! Isn’t it funny how misunderstood we often are? I’m lucky in that my husband is an introvert as well, but so many people react in funny ways when I use the word “introvert.” I sympathize re: the busy schedule!

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