Lifting Again! 

chest day | FefferfitI had my first lifting session in about a month today, and I have really missed it! 

The last several weeks, I’ve been concentrating on running, and while I’ve seen a marked change in my speed and endurance (yay!), and the cellulite on my butt and thighs is shifting (double yay!), my body fat percentage is actually going up. My guess is that I’m losing muscle, which is no surprise since I’m not working to keep it, and intense cardio can actually burn a little muscle. I’m OK with a little of that, considering the benefits, but on the other hand, my arms are getting pretty flabby….

Weirdly, I find that when I lift, in addition to building muscle that looks nice, I burn body fat well in my arms and abdomen. For whatever reason, lifting doesn’t seem to do as much for fat in my lower body, though. I build great muscle, but don’t see much in terms of cellulite control on those pesky inner thighs. So I’m thinking a hybrid approach may work best for me.

For the next little while I’ll be lifting and running, a couple days a week of each. We’ll see how it goes, doing both together, and whether I can be consistent about working out that many days a week! But every girl needs a goal, right? Here goes! 


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