Back to School, Back to Good Routines!

Guys, I know–I disappeared! Honestly, I don’t know exactly where I went. The kids went back to school and we got crazy busy with getting them outfitted and ready for new schools, making all kinds of last minute appointments, and why not paint the boys’ room while we were at it? Yes? Sure. On top of it all, J was out of town most of that last week. Can I just tell you how grateful I was for everyone to go back to school?

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In honor of having the day allll to myself for the first time in almost seven years, I celebrated by taking a few days off to do absolutely nothing. I almost never play this card but seriously: I’ve successfully survived the early years of TWO sets of twins. I felt like I deserved a few days of peace. 😉

I haven’t let all my health and fitness goals go completely, though. I decided I want to dedicate the next 8 weeks to running, so I promptly went out for a hike and then signed up for my first yoga class in the wild. Lol oops.

I’m actually not a group class/workout friends kinda girl, and I figured while I was taking the plunge, I might as well try hot yoga. It’s good to broaden your horizons, right?? I was a tad nervous about it all, but the heat is weirdly soothing instead of beastly, it was actually really nice to have someone making little corrections to my technique–it reminded me of the ballet classes I love, and the studio I’m trying out is so relaxing and positive. So far, I’ve tried out a vinyasa class and a yin class, and I loved them both. I’m really excited about incorporating some of the other classes into my routine. BTW, I adore everyone over at Red Yoga and I recommend them highly.

The major bonus of having signed up for my trial yoga package when I did is that I was just in time to catch the last stand up paddleboard yoga class of the season. If yoga is calming, yoga out on a warm, quiet pond with only the sounds of the wind in the leaves and the lapping water…well, it’s basically bliss. SUP yoga is definitely a challenge for the core, but I found that if you go a little more slowly and deliberately than usual, you have no problem staying on the board. I slipped onto my bum on the board a couple of times while trying to do arm balances, but falling is all part of the game. It was SO fun, but the best part was the feeling of complete escape from the world. It was absolutely gorgeous out there!

SUP yoga | Fefferknits
That’s me in the orange! We were paddling back after a peaceful hour of yoga.

I did finally start running again this morning, and I’m feeling a little more like I’m back in a good groove. Still using C25K, still working on speed! It’s hard, but good hard.


I also have a couple of recipes coming your way this week. It’s taken me a while to find some good ones I want to share, so I’m excited about these!

What’s everyone else been up to? Do you feel like you have to adjust, too, when everyone goes back to school?


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