Product Review: Mauer Sports Nutrition Classic Protein Bars

One of the cool things about being a fitness blogger is having PR reps contact you and ask if you’d like samples of things for review. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always got one eye on the horizon for a new, interesting workout or healthy food option, and what’s better than having someone send you a few to try out for free? (Nothing. The answer is: nothing. 🙂 ) I’m really grateful, let me tell ya.

Several weeks ago, one of my rep friends asked if I’d be interested in trying out Mauer Classic Protein Bars, and I snapped up the chance.

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Mauer Bar | Fefferfit

I love protein bars. Sometimes I need to eat on the run, and they’re always a better choice than greasy fast food. Sometimes at home I just need to shove something in my face, quickly, and it needs to have a fair amount of protein in it because of my insulin resistance. That can get trickier than it might sound. I love cooking and whole foods, but protein bars are my lazy snack food of choice, and I feel OK about that.

QuestBars were my introduction to protein bars, and I’ve tried all kinds, looking for the perfect balance of carbs, protein, fiber, and artificial/low-quality ingredients. G2G Bars are my current favorite, but I have to special order them. OhYeah One bars are OK for macros and have better quality fiber, but trans fats? Why? I’m also getting a little more wary about sugar substitutes.

Mauer Classic Protein Bars, on the other hand, seemed to be a possible Holy Grail. On paper, they’re everything I’ve been looking for in a bar: no refined sugar, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, and all real ingredients. They’re also non-GMO, and the macros are totally on-point:

Mauer Bar nutrition | Fefferfit
Image courtesy

I was given each of the flavors to try. My thoughts:

  • The texture of the bars is really satisfying – more dense and less sticky and taffy-like than many. They’re also pretty large, which is nice.
  • None of the bars is as sweet as a lot of the other bars on the market. This makes perfect sense, considering all the artificial sweeteners dumped into a lot of bars that aren’t being used here. Mauer Bars are not unpleasant in their lack of sweetness, it just takes a little adjustment when you’re used to eating bars that taste an awful lot like candy.
  • I honestly wasn’t in love with all the flavors. I thought the Coconut Cashew and the Caramel Macadamia would be my favorite, but they were both pretty bland. However, all three dark chocolate-covered flavors were delicious!
  • I like the philosophy behind the bars: developed by NBA ref Kenny Mauer, they’re all about providing a natural, mostly organic alternative that’s actually healthy for athletes (and regular people, too).
  • I really, really like the macro balance and ingredient list
  • The only thing that’d keep me from replacing any other protein bars in my stock with these, right now, is price. These are about $1/bar more than I pay for other bars, at the moment.

Have you tried Mauer Classic Protein Bars yet? Do you have another option you really like? Tell me what you think!

Free samples of this product were provided to me for review. All opinions are my own. 


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