Working Out in the New House


We have moved! It happened! We are all moved in (if moving in just means all your things are physically on the premises) and we’re in the process of deep cleaning, making repairs, and unpacking.

Our house is in a lovely, established area of town and it has great “bones,” so to speak. It was also built in 1989, so while it has been kept up fairly well (new roof, new water heater, nice yard, pretty clean), the cosmetics of it are fairly outdated. Luckily, Justin and I are handy. We have done a lot of home improvement before and helped flip a house with my brother who was a contractor in a former life, so if things get really hairy we have good advice. We have big plans for this house over the next few years, but the nice thing is that, in the meantime, it’s totally livable.

We have been BUSY this last month, moving and packing and cleaning and unpacking and cleaning and oh yeah, throwing food at our kids once in a while. But I did manage to unearth my workout clothes and our gear in the last few days, and set up our gym.


That’s right, we have a dedicated gym!! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! It’s so nice not to have to move art supplies and Justin’s instruments so I can lift. Ahhh, my own space! Now I just have to decide what color it wants to be.

Anyway. First workout in the new house DONE. I’m up about 8 pounds, what with all the fast food, stress, and lack of routine, and it must go. It felt good to lift chest today, and I decided to throw back to C25k because I’m sucking at distance running lately. Wk6Day1 was a nice push. I am TIRED after a month of no workouts, but GOOD tired, and the Jacuzzi tub in my new bathroom is gonna feel really nice later on these sure-to-be sore muscles!

Hope everyone out there is doing well! Thanks for hanging in there with me. More regular updates to come!



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