Finding Balance: Hobbies

Sometimes, it feels like life is GO GO GO GO all the time. Am I the only one? I have four kids, a house that never seems clean enough, homework to supervise, errands to run, workouts to squeeze in, meals to plan, friendships to maintain, bickering to break up, sports practices and art classes to ferry kids to, and a husband who would like to go out and see me sometimes. And I don’t have a job! How on earth do working moms do it?

I’ll admit that some days I feel harried, and I need a break from it all. Finding balance in all that rush and stress is important to me, and so I’ve tried to make a little room in my life for some creative hobbies.

Some of my hobbies are the kind that will suck up a whole day, before I know it–they absorb all my attention, create sprawling messes, and mean that somehow I totally forget that people need things like, er, dinner.

Genealogy, I am looking at you. Also, sewing:

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But others, like knitting or my newest addition, embroidery, are things I can pick up for a few minutes each night. I can kick up my feet, relax, and feel my mind unwind as I create a little while I watch TV or chat with Justin.

There’s something oddly calming about the steadiness of handwork: the swick of the needles, the “thhhhhck” of the embroidery floss as it slides through taut cloth. The motions, the sounds, and the simple satisfaction of creating something out of nothing makes those relaxing moments feel so productive.

And so I say, thank goodness for hobbies. I know that without them, I’d be a far less balanced, more stressed out person.

What about you? What hobbies make you feel relaxed and more balanced? 


6 thoughts on “Finding Balance: Hobbies

  1. Love your knits, and embroideries! You clearly have a good “crafter’s gene”. I love drawing (now that we’re reacquainted) and sewing and in general making stuff. It’s not so important what it is, as long as I create. 😃

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    1. It’s ALL about creating. If I don’t do it, I not only become cranky and unpleasant, I also become ill. So creating it is! Not really complaining about that need, actually. 😉


    2. Oh btw, I think all have the ability to draw. If you don’t think so I’d suggest you need to unlearn some “you can’t draw” lessons and also set your expectations to zero. So often we stop because what we see on paper is not what’s in our heads. Ask the head to go somewhere else while you draw, and just keep at it. It might not be Albrecht Dürer, but so what? You’re you, not him – and besides, he’s dead. So I say that if you want to draw, just do it. ❤

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  2. I would love to make my family tree and track down my roots that far. You are lucky you have all this information! Many Russians have lost the names of their distant relatives due to World War II. Also for this reason we only have photos of our grandparents and the rest is gone.


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