New Back Dumbbell Workout

Hi! Um, that was more than a few days, eh? I have been trying so hard to keep my life normal while we’re packing and dealing with all the craziness of moving, but last week was honestly bonkers. We had all kinds of things come up at the last minute (as they do, when you’re moving), and it made for a crazy week!

moving | Fefferfit
This is what my workout room looks like right now. HAAAA.

In all, I worked out exactly ONCE all week. Normally, I wouldn’t make a big deal about being busy and just start over this week, but it’s been several weeks in a row now, and it’s getting to the point where I can see the difference. Boooo. But all we can do is keep trying, right? You ready?


Back dumbbell workout | Fefferfit

Here’s the routine:

Lifting usually takes me about 20 minutes, and then I do 20 min of HIIT intervals on the treadmill. You could bike, swim, jump rope, whatever! I’m currently doing 60 sec work/90 rest for hit. You can do 30/60, 30/90, 60/60…whatever works for you. Just don’t rest so long that your heart isn’t working anymore before you work again.

A note on gear: Because I’m working out at home, I do all the cable exercises (like the ab work and the wide grip pulldowns) with SPRI resistance bands. I can close them in my door, slide on handles, and go! They come in different resistance strengths, and they’re pretty cheap. I usually use the purple one.

I currently use 22 lbs dumbbells on back day. This is just a reference point, and you may want less or more. Keep in mind that I’ve been lifting for a couple of years. What’s important is choosing the right weight for you, focusing on proper form with those weights, releasing each lift slowly, and making sure you’re using enough weight that your muscles are failing in the last few reps. You should see great results!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, let me know!



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