New Arm Dumbbell Workout

A couple of months ago, I re-vamped my lifting routines, and I just realized I haven’t posted them here!

Why re-vamp?

For starters, it’s good to mix things up on your muscles every few months, or they stop changing. But also, after using the Strong program a bit, I really liked how it used ab work first. I found that it was more effective for me to do abs before I was tired. When I used ab work as warm-up, my heart rate burned more evenly throughout the whole workout, and fried calories faster.

Case in point: before the change on left, and after moving abs to beginning on right

Here’s the arm workout I did on Saturday. I’ll be posting the rest as I go over the next week.



Here’s the routine:

  • Side bridge aka side planks
  • Valslide push away – You can get valslides pretty cheaply, but you can also use washcloths on a slick floor. I use my smooth 2.5 weight plates on carpet.
  • Alternating bicep curls. I do these standing, or at an incline on a bench. Alternate arms, lifting one at a time.
  • Triceps kickback – after one set of  pressing straight back, try a set twisting your palms up at the top. Ow. Next set, twist them down.
  • Alternating hammer curls. Alternate arms.
  • One arm triceps extension – watch form, here. Keep your elbow as close to upright as you can and lift straight up. You’ll feel a pull in your tendons if your elbow is too far out, and that can lead to injury.
  • Bent over curl – these are nasty, but worth it, since doing only part of the full movement at the bottom, or weakest, part of the range of motion forces that weak muscle to build and grow more quickly. You’ll probably have to drop down the amount of weight you were using on the other curls so you can keep proper form.
  • Bench dip – you can do these on a kitchen chair really well. No need to raise your feet, if it’s a hassle. Go until you wipe out!
  • HIIT intervals for 20 minutes or so.

Lifting usually takes me about 20 minutes, and then I do 20 min of HIIT intervals on the treadmill. You could bike, swim, jump rope, whatever! I’m currently doing 60 sec work/90 rest for hit. You can do 30/60, 30/90, 60/60…whatever works for you. Just don’t rest so long that your heart isn’t working anymore before you work again.

For weight, I currently use 7.5-15 lbs on arm day (my triceps are weeeak!). This is just a reference point. You may want less or more.

Focus on proper form with those weights, releasing each lift slowly, and making sure you’re using enough weight that your muscles are failing in the last few reps. You should see great results!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, let me know!


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