Perspective: Two Years


197 lbs vs 166 lbs


Vulnerable moment, here: I’ve been busy, lately, and haven’t put as much effort into my health as I probably should. I’ve seen the scale creep up a few pounds, but I’ve been especially frustrated by watching areas of my body that I got so toned and muscular now starting to get soft. I want resultsΒ  NOW. I want to not look like this NOW. I want my jeans to be almost falling off again NOW. πŸ‘Ώ

Yesterday, I found the photo on the left from May 2014. Two years ago, I wanted the body I have now.

Perspective is a good thing. I’m going to try a little harder today, and be grateful for how far I’ve come. Be patient and kind with yourselves, friends. πŸ’œ


2 thoughts on “Perspective: Two Years

  1. My body looks very similar to the picture on the left. The picture on the right feels like a dream. You seriously got rid of the hanging tummy by exercise and eating better? My mind is blown


    1. Yes! And…no. After I lost 85 pounds, I had a very thin, flat hanging tummy still. I had the part down below my hips surgically removed. No time or exercise was ever going to fix that poor skin that had been through two sets of twins! BUT the surgeon wouldn’t do that until I had lost all the weight in my tummy, both because of the surgical risks and because he didn’t think I’d be happy with the final result if I didn’t. It was *work,* but yes! Eating right and exercise eventually melted it off. Weight lifting changed it the most. I know how discouraging it is when you’re starting out. But it’ll happen. πŸ’œ I promise.


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