Balance Balance Balance

Um, have I mentioned we’re moving?!

We’re moving. We decided a couple of weeks ago that maybe it was time. We started just taking a peek at listings of houses for sale, and suddenly I found myself signing a purchase agreement! We laugh, because big decisions in our little family always seem to move at warp speeds. I tried (really!) to slow down this time and make sure we were careful and thoughtful (and, frankly, picky) about the process, but somehow it still all came together at a ridiculous pace, and we are moving in less than a month.


I know it’s the right place for us, and I could not be more thrilled.

With all that’s been happening with the house and now moving, I’ve been struggling the last few days to feel like there’s any sense of normalcy in my home. I’m actually not a girl who likes routine, but there are certain things I like to have happen with regularity. Lately, some of the important things have taken a backseat, including working out and eating well. To be honest, I feel gross.

I’ve been thinking, lately, about the way I tend to approach life in general. I think I have kind of an intensity of focus when it comes to my priorities. That’s great, until something comes along that needs to be crammed at the top of the priority list, bumping everything else down. My default is to focus on that new, important thing until it is DONE, and then go back to normal life. That works really well for me when the kids have an emergency or I need to deal with something that will only take a day or two. Buuut say, for example, deep-cleaning and packing an entire house? Yeah, that’s gonna take a while, and I can’t put life on hold until I’m done.

So: balance. How do I find it? How do I remember that “normal” life is still happening, and meals and exercise and, ahem, homework is still important while I’m emailing financial statements and signing documents and packing up my whole life?

I’m not sure, yet. And that’s OK. Balance, right? But I know it’s important to ask myself, and to try to figure it out. I also think this is key:


Maybe a little less intensity and a little more harmony? That’s my goal for this week.

I hope all of you have a great week. Happy Monday! Here’s to balance.


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