Staying on Track at the Farmer’s Market


I don’t know if your family is like mine, but we love to go to the farmer’s market. Honestly, we go for the people watching and the food stands–and I’m not talking veggies. Our market has amazing crepes, Thai food, yakisoba, tamales, Liege waffles, and mini donuts you can smell frying the minute you hit the street. It’s way better than any fair food alley or truck rally I’ve ever seen, and I love the sense of community engendered but having all those people in a few square blocks of downtown together, smelling and tasting things and reveling in beautiful colors and the glorious weather.


I also love that I can enjoy the delicious scents of the donuts and hand pies and maybe stick a finger in one of the kids’ whipped cream, but I can still find awesome food that’ll keep me on track. Today I got two carnitas tacos with slaw and lime on corn tortillas, and a mango lemonade with stevia. So fabulous, and I was able to walk away feeling good about what I chose to eat!  So grateful to live in a city that offers so many great choices, but it also made me grateful for the little ways in which I’ve chosen to be mindful. I can make my health a priority, and enjoy myself, too! In fact, maybe I enjoy myself all the more because of it. 🙂



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