Workout Review: Power Boxing with Marlen Esparza

I’ve been wanting to try boxing or kickboxing for a long time, but for one reason or another I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I was thrilled to discover a few videos that would satisfy my curiosity on AcaciaTV (and allow me to potentially embarrass myself in the safety of my living room!)

I tried Power Boxing with Marlen Esparza yesterday:

Power Boxing Marlen Esparza | Fefferfit


It was so fun!

Initial thoughts:

  • If you’ve never boxed before and have no idea what a jab or a hook really are (I had NO clue), she doesn’t really explain. She shows you what to do, though, and after a few times, I had the terminology figured out.
  • The warm-up moves are the moves you’ll repeat throughout the workout in different combinations. So if you’re feeling a little like you’re new to the whole thing and unsure of what you’re doing, don’t worry–you’ll repeat everything several times. It should be enough to feel more certain.
  • After warm-up, the workout is broken down into Core, Lower Body, and Upper Body. Upper Body is the hardest, with combinations flowing pretty quickly. Esparza is an Olympic boxer, and it’s clear that she’s an actual fighter rather than a professional fitness instructor. She doesn’t take a whole lot of time going over the routines, and she moves quickly. For a boxing newbie, this can feel confusing, but I’m going to be honest and say that I get frustrated with long explanations in workout videos because they drop my heart rate down so low. I say just roll with it, be OK if you miss a step or throw the wrong punch, and enjoy it! I screwed up a bit, but I’m determined to really get it all next time.
  • This workout is fun! I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the pace and flow of it, even though it was all new to me. It’s an hour long, which I didn’t realize going in, but I looked at my watch during cool-down and was shocked! 58 minutes?!
  • HOLY CALORIE BURNBoxing video burn | Fefferfit
  • I am crazy sore today, and in weird places. My bum and my inner thighs are fried, which is unusual for a seasoned runner and squatter. My back and triceps are burning! I’m loving knowing that boxing worked me in new ways, and I’m excited to rotate it in to my routine more regularly.

How about you? Any of you tried boxing before? What do you think?


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