Acacia TV on Amazon Video

Has anyone else noticed that Amazon Video is partnering with AcaciaTV for fitness videos, now? I pulled up my queue this week, thinking I’d try a new yoga video, and in addition to the usual “buy for $10/try for $3” choices it gave me the option to subscribe to AcaciaTV through Amazon.

Amazon yoga video | Fefferfit

So I decided to check it out.

AcaciaTV is a paid, web-based streaming service that’s chock full of fitness videos of all types: barre, martial arts, Pilates, lifting, yoga, you name it. They also have a branded shop and several blogs–it’s a whole support network, and their site is actually pretty great. If you prefer not to go through Amazon, I actually really recommend it–their subscription cost is the same if you sign up directly through their site.

Now, Amazon Prime has partnered with AcaciaTV to show all their video content, which makes my life a whole lot easier. I’m too lazy to have figured out how to get my computer to talk to my TV in a way that works nicely, so now I can stream all those videos straight from my TV (or other Amazon compatible device) with a subscription. It’s pretty sweet!

Amazon AcaciaTV menu | Fefferfit

I’m on the 10-day free trial right now, but I’m really enjoying having the option of all those videos. It’s less expensive than DailyBurn, which I have used and liked before, and less expensive than paying to download a new yoga video every couple of months when I get bored, which I was also doing. Win/win!

Anyone else using AcaciaTV? What do you think?


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