Raspberry Coconut Cacao Oats

I eat steel-cut oats fairly often for breakfast. I usually cook up a pot at the beginning of the week and store it in the fridge, heating one serving at a time in the microwave with a little almond milk. It makes breakfast fast, easy, and wholesome.


I also love mixing in good stuff to make them more interesting and fun. Lately, my favorites are coconut and cacao nibs, and today I threw in a few freeze-dried raspberries I picked up when we were on vacation. The whole combination was pretty tasty, and you can’t beat those colors!

I also like to add chia seed for extra fiber, a little stevia for sweetness, and sometimes a scoop of protein powder. For all their benefits, oats are definitely carb-heavy, so they need a little protein on the side for balance.


In all, they make for a really hearty, easy, delicious breakfast!


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