When a Workout Just Isn’t Working

Let’s get real about motivation for a minute: I finally admitted to myself today that I am not enjoying the Strong program. I’ve only lifted twice in the last month or so, and part of it comes down to the fact that I haven’t enjoyed my workouts. Strong produces great results, but if it means I start avoiding working out so I don’t have to do it, then it’s clearly not working for me. 

I gave myself permission to quit, last night, and woke up with a new sense of freedom. I lifted chest today and added HIIT intervals to round things out, and I LOVED my workout! I’ve missed this so much. I really believe you have to do what you love, or it’s just not worth it.

Chest and HIIT workout | Fefferfit
Today’s workout: exactly what I needed.

Going forward, I’ll be adding in some of what I did like about Strong to my workouts. I found that doing core work first, instead of at the end (like today), gets my heart rate up where it needs to be for a good burn when I lift. Some of the core movements in Strong are clever and enjoyable, so I’ll be co-opting those. Though I will be going back to concentrated muscle group days, I’m definitely keeping the HIIT intervals at the end! Those have been so great both for fat-burn and endurance, and I’ve really enjoyed working more running into my routine.

Also, can we talk about my treadmill speed since I got good asthma meds? I haven’t run under an 11-minute mile pace in all my years of training, unless you count 30-second sprints that nearly killed me. Now a sub-nine feels like a nice, quick jog! I’m in shock, and so thrilled! So grateful for the drugs that are making my lungs work the way they should. 


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