Stress Eating

PerfectBar | Fefferfit

Are you stress eater or a stress non-eater?

When I’m under stress, I don’t eat (like, at all), and then I have to remind myself to shove something down. I won’t cook when I’m that stressed, so it comes down to fast food, or convenience foods. It is SO AWESOME that there are healthy options out there like Perfect Bar. Full of healthy ingredients, lots of good nutrients, and tons of protein. Such a great option when you’re on the go, even when life isn’t stressful! 

I’ve been trying to pay attention to what else I’ll eat when I’m stressed, because clearly those are the snack foods I like the most and require the least effort. Here’s a list of the things I actually enjoy eating, are easy on the go, and are absolutely zero work:

How about you? What are your go-to no-effort foods?


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