Cheese Crackers for Adults


These are the bomb. diggity.

I went to what I lovingly call the “hippie section” of my Fred Meyer/Kroger store this week, looking for road trip food, and read the labels of a bunch of different boxes of nut-based crackers. Guess what? They’re not that great when it comes to carb/protein balance. I was kind of shocked by how little protein they all had when they’re supposedly made from almonds or pecans! Hello?

I grabbed a box of Multi-grain Van’s just for comparison, and whoa, fewer carbs and more protein per ounce than the nut crackers! And the cheese flavor rated even better on the protein scale. Shoot, I figured I had to try them at that point. You know. For science.

Just so you know, they are AWESOME. Pair them with a bit of cheese or a handful of nuts, and you’ve got yourself a killer, balanced snack. Hooray for the hippie section!


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