In which I owe you a post, but I’ve been up to new adventures!

If you follow me on Instagram (where I am generally silly and post pictures of my kids being ridiculous, but sometimes also donuts. Oh, and workout and recipe stuff, too), you know that I promised you an update on the Strong program LAST Monday.

This is not it.

The last week or so have been a little (ok, a lot) bonkers at home, but I promise that update is coming. I have a weird love/hate relationship with Strong and I want to tell you all about it. Holy results, though, and I plan to keep at it and see what it has in store for me next in Phase 2! In the meantime, though, I’ve been trying to de-stress by branching out a little and trying some new things.

Example: Aerial Hammock

Aerial hammock class | Fefferfit
I maybe had to get help flipping back right-side up once. Shhh. Still awesome.

I also decided to try a Barre class on Monday. I figured, with all my ballet experience, it couldn’t be too rough, right? It about killed me! I made it through the class by the skin of my teeth, but yesterday was pretty rocky. I’m much better today, but man, those quads are sore! I was pleased to be able to use higher weights for the upper body portion of the class, though, without any problem. All that lifting is doing this body good!

Regardless, I loved the studio, and I’m hoping to go back to Barre class again soon. I also purchased an Aerial Yoga package at a different studio for later this month. I’m so excited! Here’s to new adventures in fitness!


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