85 pounds 6 sizes | Fefferfit

Oh, how I do not miss standing in group pictures and feeling like I want to hide.

The left photo was at a friend’s wedding, and I was so happy to see everyone. I was really enjoying myself and catching up with old friends was so lovely. I knew the pictures wouldn’t be flattering of me, but I honestly didn’t realize how big I was in comparison to other people until I saw this shot. I sat at my computer, staring at those pictures on Facebook, too in shock to cry. I untagged myself in every one and decided I would never feel like that about a picture ever again.

And that was it. It. The end. I was done.

I’m so glad not to be that girl, anymore. She was happy, and she knew her worth, but she wasn’t comfortable in clothes. She knew she wasn’t healthy. She couldn’t really play with her kids like they wanted, or dance anymore. And she didn’t like what she had done to her body.

So she changed it. She still has miles to go. But all that work has been worth it.

85 pounds. 6 sizes. 9″ off my waist and 10″ off my hips. Blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar all down in normal range. Running 3 miles with ease. Lifting heavy weights like it’s no big thing. Chasing my children around a playground. Climbing stairs without being out of breath. Going back to dance classes. Shopping from any store I want. If I can do it, anyone can. 



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