In Which Online Calorie Estimates Are Ridiculous.


This pretty much sums up why I needed a heart rate monitor: my fitness app tells me yoga (let’s not even get into the fact that it has five different yoga categories, but no Flow/Vinyasa!) burns 120 cal/hr. The internet says it’s almost 600! Sounds great, right? I’ve been using that number for the last two years, because…who wouldn’t? And 120 seemed crazy low. But you and I both know that calorie burn is so subjective. It’s based not just on weight, but on all kinds of other personal health factors. It’s so individual that online estimates really need to be taken with a grain of salt. Or, in this case, maybe a boulder?

REALITY CHECK:  My 40 minute workout was 161 calories, which is about 245/hr. Both estimates were way off! So, while it’s a bummer that I’m getting less than half the burn I’d hoped I was, it’s nice to know the truth. Now that I actually have an idea what’s going on, I can adjust accordingly. Hooray for technology!


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