New Running Jacket!


My last Christmas present finally came and I’m so excited! I hate running on the treadmill, so I really need a good jacket so I can take to the streets when it’s below freezing.

This is the Pearl Izumi Fly, and it’s perfect! I’m particular about a few things in a running jacket: I want a soft shell, for a snug fit that still stretches and breathes but keeps out the weather. I NEED sleeve cuffs with thumb holes. Anything else slides around under gloves and lets in cold air, and my hands are the last thing to warm up. And it must have good zippered pockets, preferably that allow my headphones to run up the inside of the jacket.

The Fly had all of the above, and came in cute colors, which was a bonus! I love that it has a hood, and what’s more, it has a little slot for your ponytail. Ridiculous, but I will probably use it from time to time!

Can’t wait to get out there and run! Just not today. Ohhhh myyy gooosh my bum is sore from Single Leg Deadlifts today! Ha!


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