Strong for a New Year

I’ve started a new lifting program.

Strong, my new lifting program| Fefferfit

In addition to running at least twice a week (I missed it, because I’m weird like that), I needed to change up my lifting regimen and find something that challenged me. I started poking around and hit upon Strong, the new book by the guys who wrote The New Rules of Lifting for Women.

Strong is exactly the kind of program I like: researched and detailed, based on actual physiology and exercise science but FLEXIBLE. So many programs insist on x days/week and exactly x exercises, or no results. Come on, right? What if I hate front squats? What if I don’t have an Olympic bar? (I don’t.) What if I only want to lift two days a week? Three? Stronger will bend with you on all those things.

The thing I needed most, right now, was something that would be dynamic. My body seems to adapt to new programs quickly–after 4-6 weeks, I don’t see much change or growth anymore. I’m perfectly capable of finding new exercises online, and I probably know enough about physiology at this point to put something together that will work for me…but I don’t wanna. I’d rather someone else just did it for me, know what I mean?

Strong is perfect for me, in that way. It’s 9 stages, each 4-6 weeks long. Each phase contains two workouts you alternate between, so you don’t get bored and your body doesn’t get too used to the training. After about a month, you move on to the next phase and two new workouts. Perfect!

I’m already working on Stage 1. I’ll admit I read the first workout and thought, “Yeah…we’ll see. I may need to change things up and make this harder since I’m not new to lifting.” But halfway through, I was sweating like mad and wondering what on earth I’d been thinking! The workouts are great–I was alternately thrilled by the unique way the lifts isolate muscles and work the whole body, and wiped the heck out! In fact, check out this burn:

Lifting calorie burn Strong Stage 1 | Fefferfit
26 minutes, though the first two were setup.

Those blue & green sections? That’s where my heart sits when I run. That’s a dang good lifting workout! There’s also a short cardio interval portion at the end of each Strong lift day.

Interval training | Fefferfit
A few quick sprint intervals on the treadmill.

In all, I burned about 300 calories in 30 minutes. Can’t complain about that!

I’m looking forward to seeing how Strong changes my body over the next several months. If you’d like to do it along with me, the book is found here, or at pretty much any local bookstore!

Starting on Monday, I’ll be posting my variations of the lifts, as needed for dumbbells/my preferences, and a link to the workout tracking pages for you to print. No matter what your age is, or your familiarity with weights, you can do this with me, I promise! Who’s in? Let’s get strong together!


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