The Scale Is a Dirty Liar


Guess how much weight I’ve lost in the last year? (Hint: it’s less than you think.) The scale is a great tool, but sometimes it’s a dirty liar when it comes to measuring progress.

The truth? I’ve lost seven pounds this year. If I were to never take measurements or pictures, that seven pounds would have me SO frustrated! But that’s where the scale will get you, if you just use it alone.

I do weigh every day, because the scale keeps me motivated. It reflects when I’ve misbehaved and eaten badly. But it can also reflect swelling in sore muscles, hormonal bloating, and other weirdness I can’t explain, Sometimes when I’m working hard, it reflects…NOTHING. SO RUDE. That’s why I also take body measurements and progress photos.

If you feel stuck, don’t get discouraged! Sometimes it’s because your body is replacing visceral (intramuscular) fat with good, solid muscle. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, for volume, and if the scale isn’t budging, that may be all that’s going on. And that’s a lot!

Seven pounds? Yeah, but look at all that progress!


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