Can You Really Get Sleek, Sexy Arms in Just Six Weeks?

There’s this ubiquitous post floating around Pinterest that shows how, in just six weeks, you, too, can go from having flabby, flapping Bingo wings to Michelle Obama guns of steel.

You’ve seen it, right?

I have yet to find the original post to which it refers–each search seems to lead me to a seemingly unoffiliated arm workout which is actually decent. But, friends. Six weeks?

I get so annoyed by all the misleading fitness information out there on the internet. Who among us doesn’t want amazing arms in six weeks? I do! Sign me up, baby! I feel like posts like that one on Pinterest often set us up for failure. If you’re working hard, following a program as advertised, and after six weeks, your arms don’t look sleek and amazing, it’s so hard not to be frustrated and feel like it’s all futile. Honestly, no matter how many times a week you’re lifting or how strictly you starve yourself, how much fat can one body burn in six weeks?

I found this picture on my Instagram account this morning.

My commentary on this was priceless, btw. “This arm fat is going to DIE before our eyes!!”

This was me after four weeks of lifting–before on the left. Looks an awful lot like that “29 April” picture up there, right? There’s hardly even any visible difference between my two pictures. But I sure was excited, anyway!

Just for the record, this is me, 18 mos later.


My arms still are not perfect, but I’m less self-conscious about them now. They’re still not lithe little twigs, but I’m not built like a lithe little twig! I never will be. My arms don’t squish out when I put them down at my sides anymore, though. I don’t cringe when I see them in the passenger side mirror of my car, anymore. They fill out the sleeve of a shirt, but it’s because they’re packed with muscle!

It didn’t all happen in six weeks, but I knew it wouldn’t. I think when we start off with reasonable expectations, then we’re excited when we see even tiny little changes! I knew, when I started, that nothing would come too quickly, but that hard work + time = change. And all this time later, I’m still going. Real change has happened.


Don’t let the internet get you down and discouraged. It’s all about perspective. Find a program that seems realistic. And keep going! Change will come. I promise.


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