It’s Time

Guys. I have a new site! And I’m nervous/excited/embarrassed/thrilled to be sharing it with you!


It seems like I’ve been talking and posting about fitness and weight loss and eating and body image kinda…well, ALL OVER the internet, right? So, maybe it’s just time to start something focused. I’ve been posting updates on my Tumblr and Instagram (and I’ll be pulling those posts over here), but I honestly don’t love Tumblr’s format. It feels like there’s no continuity over there–no way to have things in one place. Posts have a tendency to float out into the ether and circulate on their own, and I really miss the feeling of community a blog engenders. I love having conversations with my friends. I love talking about what works and getting ideas from all of you. I’m so humbled and honored by those of you who have told me I’ve helped in some tiny way, and if we can keep helping and inspiring each other, well, there’s nothing I’d love more.

So. Welcome! I’ll be here a lot, posting about what I’m doing to stay motivated and healthy and what the heck I’m eating and all my random thoughts on body image and what I’m doing to work out. I’ll be sharing about my bad days, too, and how I get through them. Maybe we can help each other? If you guys have things you want to talk about, please share! I’d love to hear your ideas.

Thanks for being here. I’m grateful for every one of you!

With love, Jen | Fefferfit


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