1 Year Progress and a Note on Being Kind

I’ve been really frustrated and upset the last few weeks with how I look. I’ve had injuries that kept me from working out the way I want the last few months, and I’ve watched my body change, feeling helpless. Now that I’m able to get back at it, I’m so frustrated with how relatively weak I am, and how “fat” I feel.

Then Timehop showed me this picture (right) from last year. Left is from today.

Guys, we have to stop being so hard on ourselves. I think it’s so easy to see what we feel is wrong and lose sight of how far we’ve come. We would never let the people we love believe things about themselves that are anything like what we say to ourselves when we’re discouraged. Let me be that friend that doesn’t let you believe it. You’re amazing. You’ve got this. Look how far you’ve come!


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