Yoga Video Recs!

I love yoga. I have a background in dance, so I’ll admit that it comes fairly naturally for me, but I also think it’s great for stretching out muscles that get bound down and tight from repetitive use. If you’re willing to give it a shot, here are my recommendations!

Shiva Rea

I adore Shiva Rea. Her workouts are interesting and not overly focused on the spiritualism of yoga, which I just can’t get into. She’s also great at giving options for modifying things if they’re too difficult for you. Love her.

Shiva Rea on Hulu:
Flow Yoga for Beginners
Daily Energy Flow
Fluid Power
Creative Core Abs

You can find her all over Amazon Prime and YouTube, as well.

Another instructor I really enjoy is Maral Hadidi. If you’re more comfortable with yoga, this is a really nice flow you can watch online or buy on DVD:

Grace, Power, Surf, and Sunset


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