I Struggle.

Okay, let’s have a moment of honesty: after a great morning yesterday, I ate like crap most of the rest of the day, and I knew I’d regret it later. I’ve worked hard all week to work off Superbowl party indiscretions, and finally got back to where I should be yesterday, only to be up 2.5 pounds today. My body and I have a difficult relationship, no question, and I got on the treadmill just now feeling pretty angry and determined.

And then I had a little moment of clarity. This awful, horrible, number on the scale? A few short weeks ago, I cheered and celebrated for that number. It was my ultimate goal number. It was a number I’d thought for YEARS was completely unattainable. So maybe if it’s my new “fat” number, I should cut myself a little break?

That’s my thought for today. Celebrate the small victories. Remember how hard you’ve been working. Keep at it. And cut yourself a dang break sometimes. 💜


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