Four months of heavy lifting

In April, I’d been running for a year, and despite losing a whole lot of weight and FOUR dress sizes, I was stuck, and a little heartbroken. I started heavy lifting, and seeing teeny changes in my body. None in weight, mind you, but the inches finally started to budge again, and i feel so much stronger.

I wish I could share with you guys the pics that show the most dramatic difference, but they’re a little…bare. Let’s just say I was frustrated, on Saturday, and after I took the photo and compared it to the one I took at the start of summer, I burst into overwhelmed tears. I would never have guessed I’d get these kinds of results from so little hardcore cardio and just 20 minutes or so of lifting 3 or 4 times a week. YAY WEIGHTS!

#girlswholift #heavylifting #fitspo #60poundsdown #transformationtuesday #healthy #loveyourbody


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