Once More Into the Breach! (Or, Jen tries this whole weight-loss thing again.)

I woke up this morning, stretched a little, and thought to myself, “OK. Enough. Today is The Day.” After a holiday season filled with junk food and ten extra pounds, I’ve been feeling sluggish and headachey and just plain sick of looking at all the junk. I’m tired of feeling tired, and so today is the day I’m tired ENOUGH of it to get over being scared of my ankle and finally start exercising again!

Fefferfit | 2012
Also: this picture. ACK.

I’ve talked before about my struggles with weight loss. I wish I could understand why it seems to be so easy for some people to stay thin, and so difficult for others to even be around food and not gain weight. Out of curiosity this morning, I tracked my calories for yesterday–a day in which I paid absolutely no attention to what I ate. I had toast with a smidge of butter for breakfast, the remainder of the babies’ boxed mac & cheese for lunch, and a couple of slices of frozen pizza for dinner. No sides–nothing else. I snacked on a banana early in the day and a few crackers and three slices of a salami in the afternoon (dang salami. We never have that in the house, but it was given to us). I don’t like the idea of being over 1500-1700 calories in a day, but I busted 1800. Still, every web site on earth I plug my height and weight into tells me I can “maintain” at 2200-ish. Oh, really? If I ate 2200 calories a day, I would weigh 350 pounds, and that is no exaggeration.

I think my main pitfall, though, is breakfast. I did have it yesterday, but I’m generally terrible about it, sometimes not eating until noon or even later. I’ll chug down some water or (worse!) a Diet Pepsi while I wash some dishes or putter around the house, and before I know it it’s time for lunch. I’m just not that hungry, but I know it’s because I’ve trained my metabolism badly. So:

  • New habit 1: Breakfast every day. Something with staying power.
  • New habit 2: More fruits and veggies. I do marginally alright. I could be better.
  • New habit 3: Think more about water.
  • New habit 4: MORE EXERCISE.

This one will have to be led by how well my ankle does, but I cranked out Ali MacGraw – Yoga Mind & Body, my fave yoga DVD* without any problems. I can feel it twinging a bit now, but it’s not screaming or anything. And frankly, it was a lot easier than last time I tried to do it, which was probably when I weighed 40 pounds more than I do now. So, go me! The goal is to get my weight down, and if I can get my ankle healthy and back to normal in the meantime so I can run, I’ll be really happy. I’d love to actually be able to run the Dirty Dash this year!

*If you’re looking for a an actual yoga *workout*, I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s flow (vinyasa) yoga, which moves you continuously through poses, keeping your heart rate up, but focusing on breathing and technique while you move. It’s also excellent about working opposing muscle groups, so that by the end you’re all stretched and tired everywhere,  but in a well balanced way. I grew up going to ballet classes and this is exactly what I remember loving about that–a hard workout, but feeling relaxed and loose afterward. Um, but warning: it’s ever so slightly woo-woo at the end. I love it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Once More Into the Breach! (Or, Jen tries this whole weight-loss thing again.)

  1. Thanks for the yoga DVD suggestion! I have one but can’t stand it and I really think yoga would help with my stress level! I will be ordering it soon! Best if luck toward even better health!


  2. Since you’re struggling to eat enough fruits and veggies, why not give yourself those for free the way WW does on the latest plan iteration, at least for a little while? Don’t track them as calories in whatever app you’re using. You’ll hopefully feel encouraged to eat more of them, then, and you’ll probably wind up subbing them in for higher calorie foods anyway, so it will be a double win.

    Also, good luck! I need to do this also.


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