I took Miss A (and her twin brother) out this weekend to get photos in her baptism dress before the weather turns. She had a very specific idea for her dress, and I have to say, it did turn out to be as beautiful as we both imagined in the end.   I see so … More Divine.

After the After 

I’ve had several conversations the last couple weeks with people who want to talk about my “before” and “after.” It’s been sort of a weird, out-of-body experience for me all the way around, but particularly each morning as I step on the scale. There is a “before,” when I weighed 250+ pounds. An after, when … More After the After 

With me?

Confession: I may have lost a lot (LOT) of weight, but it is still so. hard. for me to make myself work out regularly, even though I love it after I get going. What’s my deal? Are you as bad as I am?  But I was a good girl this week, and I’m so proud … More With me?

For the Soul: Plan

I love being a stay-at-home mom, but I don’t always handle the quiet well. The TV is generally tuned in to something innocuous—just to keep me company, really—though I often have no idea what’s happening in the shows I’m purportedly “watching.” I don’t mind the solitude. It’s the silence that gets to me. Once in … More For the Soul: Plan

Goodbye, 30s

Today I took a little hike with my kids. It’s the last day of my 30s, and I wanted to spend it on an adventure with them. I’ve grown to love the outdoors, and it was so fun to hike through the water and explore somewhere new. I know some people feel anxiety or distress … More Goodbye, 30s